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SME Webinar: Measuring Traffic Safety Performance Indicators in Mining

Tuesday, January 14, 2020  |  10:00 am - 11:00 am MT
Measuring Traffic Safety Performance Indicators in Mining
SME Webinar Series
Presented by Marcos Bayuelo,
Project Manager-Safety, Hexagon Mining

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Mining safety has always been measured differently compared to production. Questions are raised such as:
  • How do we define the measurables of traffic safety performance?
  • What criteria should be embodied in a Performance Indicator system?
  • How can we measure good performance and who determines it?

Answering these questions compels us to use the best available knowledge when shaping PIs for better safety decisions that prevent traffic-related accidents. This webinar will discuss using reliable integrated solutions in order to address one or multiple traffic risks. The information collected by these integrated technologies can be transformed into performance indicators, creating firm guidelines that prevent critical incidents.

About the Speaker: As Product Manager-Safety, Marcos Bayuelo and his team at Hexagon Mining are committed to developing solutions that are based on time spent with customers to understand their needs. He has developed a unique blend of business and technical savvy allowing him to realize Hexagon’s safety vision with innovative solutions. 

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