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January 10, 2020 - “The coal industry is headed for total destruction unless we all act,” said Bill Reid, Managing Editor of CoalZoom. “If what’s left of our beloved US coal industry is to be saved, Obama’s EPA CO2 endangerment finding must be overturned and we need everyone’s help to fund our efforts by January 31 to make it happen.”

CoalZoom is appealing for the coal industry to unite in the plan to save coal. It is suggested that a coordinator be appointed in every coal operator and in each company serving coal to raise funds to keep this vital project going. The coordinator can bring employees attention to the “Saving US Coal” campaign at and encourage donations by January 31.  Each company is asked to consider making a donation to match that of employees.

To stop the destruction of the coal industry, CoalZoom has teamed up with respected industry leader, Fred Palmer, and internationally renowned scientist, Dr. Craig Idso, in the campaign “Saving US Coal” with the single goal of overturning the CO2 endangerment finding.

“It is now quite clear that the overturning of the CO2 endangerment finding is vital to our success and we need everyone in the industry to help by contributing to the effort and making a donation by January 31.” said Reid.

The CoalZoom campaign was launched in November and already four videos have been produced with a fifth one being released today. The legal filing is planned for next month as the effort is funded. The progress with “Saving US Coal” and the videos can be seen here.

“Everyone has a very simple choice to make,” said Reid. “We can either sit and do nothing or we can stand and fight for our coal industry that we all love and has helped made America great. I ask you to stand up with us and join the fight by making a donation to “Saving US Coal” before January 31. A form can be found here for your use to make it easy. Please, please help now!”


“Thank you!”


Bill Reid


Fred Palmer


Craig Idso