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Rhino Resource Partners LP Announces Temporary Idling Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic



March 21, 2020 - Rhino Resource Partners LP (OTCQB: RHNO) (“Rhino” or the “Partnership”) today announced that in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the Partnership’s concern for their employees’ health and welfare, Rhino will be temporarily idling production activities at many of its mining operations on March 20, 2020. The affected employees will be placed in a temporary layoff status. Rhino’s employees and their families’ health and welfare are of the utmost importance.

The idling process will be systematic across Rhino’s multi-state operations and will initially span for a minimum of two weeks. During this initial idle period, the Partnership will continue to monitor and evaluate the conditions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic to determine if further steps need to be taken. The Partnership does not expect the idling of the coal production activities will affect its ability to fulfill customer commitments during this initial idle period as loading and shipping crews will remain in place to ship coal from existing inventories. For any employees that remain working, Rhino will ensure the government issued safety guidelines to protect against the coronavirus will continue to be followed to help protect their health and welfare.

Rick Boone, President and Chief Executive Officer of Rhino’s general partner, stated, “We are experiencing very uncertain and challenging times due to the coronavirus pandemic. We have made the difficult decision to temporarily idle the coal production activities at many of our locations to help protect the health and welfare of our employees and their families. We realize the impact of this decision will affect a large number of our employees and their families. We hope these measures and other steps being taken across our country will slow the spread of the coronavirus and eventually lead to the ability to resume normal operations at Rhino in the near future.”

Rhino Resource Partners LP is a diversified energy limited partnership that is focused on coal and energy related assets and activities, including energy infrastructure investments. Rhino produces metallurgical and steam coal in a variety of basins throughout the United States.