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Mine Fatality Final Report for Fatality on January 8, 2020


Mine Safety and Health Administration

MINE FATALITY – A miner fell into a portable load out bin on January 8, 2020, and died at the scene.

Best Practices:

  • Check handrails and gates. Ensure handrails and gates are substantially constructed, properly secured, and free of defects.
  • Install mechanical flow-enhancing devices so workers do not have to enter a bin to start or maintain material flow.
  • Don't stand on material stored in bins. Material stored in a bin can bridge over the hopper outlet, creating a hidden void below the material surface.
  • Lock-out, tag-out. Do not enter a bin until the supply and discharge equipment is locked out.
  • Wear a safety belt or harness secured with a lanyard to an adequate anchor point before entering a bin. Station a second person near the anchor point to make sure there's no slack in the fall protection system.
  • Train all miners to recognize fall hazards and properly use fall protection.
  • Provide safe access to all work places, and discuss and establish safe work procedures.
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