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Virginia's Energy Plan: All Financial Pain for No Climate Gain



By Craig Rucker

June 3, 2020 - When you make an investment, whether that is in your home or your savings plan, you eventually expect a return on that investment.

Virginia residents, unfortunately, are about to be forced to make a very expensive investment in the name of “climate change” that will produce zero benefit in return to their environment.

Virginia’s politicians recently enacted the “Virginia Clean Economy Act” or VCEA for short. This new law mandates 100% so-called “renewable” energy by 2050.

As CFACT analyst Collister Johnson points out in his summary and exposé, the VCEA is “all financial pain for no climate gain.”

Here’s why:

    - Dominion Energy, the regulated monopoly authorized to provide electricity for Virginia, submitted a report to the Legislature detailing that the average annual utility bill will go up by $500 in response to the VCEA, an increase of 40%!

    - Hundreds of thousands of acres of pristine land and environmental habitat will be bulldozed to make room for new solar panel fields and high-tension transmission lines.

    - An additional $30 billion in increased capital costs for infrastructure will be required to install the wind, solar, and support infrastructure.

    - There is a drastically increased likelihood of brownouts and blackouts during peak usage in the heat of summer and the dead of winter when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow.

Johnson sums up the “zero return on investment” well:

The VCEA has absolutely zero positive impact on climate, and a devastating negative impact on the environment. Under the VCEA, Virginia will not have cleaner air, purer water, or a more beautiful countryside. Fifteen years from now, not a single Virginian will be able to feel, touch, or smell any difference or improvement in the environment resulting from the VCEA. But they will be able to see a landscape ruined by solar panel eyesores and ugly transmission towers.

Virginia’s politicians snuck the VCEA through the legislative process while we were all distracted by the COVID-19 lockdowns.

We can’t let our leaders get away with unaccountable actions like this going forward.

Call your local representative and let them know that their actions won’t go unnoticed any longer.

If the green left can turn Virginia, one of the birthplaces of freedom of our nation, into a California look-alike when it comes to energy policy, then your state certainly isn’t immune.