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Ukraine: DTEK Advocates for Carbon Neutrality Through Fair Coal Transformation



June 17, 2020 - Achieving carbon neutrality by 2040 through the transformation of the generation capacity portfolio is one of the strategic goals of the DTEK Group, the press service of DTEK Energy has reported.

"There are more than 250,000 people in Ukraine who depend on the work of the coal industry. These are not only employees of enterprises, but also residents of single-industry towns where mines operate. DTEK Energy employs more than 30,000 miners. Our task, as a responsible employer, is to contribute to the creation of new jobs and to ensure the transformation of regions at the local, national and international levels. Therefore, since 2018, we have been an active participant in the European platform for fair coal transformation," CEO of DTEK Energy Dmytro Sakharuk said, speaking at the 20th UN Global Compact Leaders Summit held on Tuesday.

He said that DTEK, together with European experts, is working on a pilot transformation project in Dobropillia, where the company's coal mining enterprises operate.

"We already have achievements on water supply and heating in Dobropillia, but our main task is to develop an integrated transformation approach in cooperation with regional and national authorities," he said.

Sakharuk said that DTEK provides expertise and resources, which lay the foundation for a fair transformation. The role of the state is to develop regulatory initiatives and mechanisms to ensure this fair transition

Ukraine has become an active participant in the process of transforming coal regions and has identified this as one of the priority tasks on the path to carbon neutrality.

The Ukrainian government has established the Coal Transformation Center for the Coal Industry, and the European Commission, together with international financial institutions, is finalizing the coal transformation program for the Western Balkans and Ukraine, which will provide expertise and support to countries in transition.

DTEK recalled that DTEK has been a member of the UN Global Compact since 2007 and is guided in its activities by the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN DG. Twelve of the UN goals are integrated into the long-term strategy and determine the investment priorities of the DTEK Group.