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Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute Considers Changing Name

RMCMI Name Change Survey
The Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute is taking under consideration the option of changing our name to be more inclusive of other industries. Other companies have already performed name changes to expand their scope of business, i.e. Arch Coal to Arch Resources, Westmoreland Coal Company to Westmoreland Mining, LLC and others.  
Our focus will never move away from coal, and we will never stop promoting education and support of the coal industry. We do not compete with state associations that lobby in each of their states and will remain primarily an education focused institute. 
By removing coal from our name, we will open the mine rescue training for other industry teams who automatically discount our training by thinking it is only for coal companies. We have had other teams join us and benefit from the safety training. 
The Institute will continue to promote and run Friends of Coal West as a grassroots organization to support the coal industry.
This is not a decision to be taken lightly. RMCMI was founded in 1912, but the industry has drastically changed, especially in the last 10 years. 
We would like the input of the membership and would sincerely appreciate your opinions. Please access the survey below
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