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Opinion: Biden the Crusader Against Coal Has Family Ties to Industry



October 15, 2020 - Below is a Letter to the Editor featured in Wisconsin's Lake Geneva's Regional News.

To the editor: Democrats in general, and Joe Biden in particular, like to claim they are fierce environmentalist. Specifically, Joe Biden prides himself as a crusader against the U.S. coal mining industry in which over 400 mines and nearly 80,000 high paying American jobs were lost during the eight years of the Obama-Biden Administration.

Interestingly, the article, “While Joe Biden Decimated American Coal, Son’s firm Made Millions from Chinese Government Owned Coal Company” — see National Pulse, July 29 — shows the establishment of Bohai Harvest, which is a joint venture between Rosemont Seneca Partners, an investment firm founded by Hunter Biden and the state owned, Bank of China.

Bohai Harvest invested over $950 million dollars in a coal company which is owned by the communist government of China.

The Biden family continues to do business with an adversary who steals our industrial technology and military secrets, runs massive concentration/indoctrination camps, and has caused the death of thousands of Americans from the coronavirus.

As the Biden family continues to make millions from China, the question is: Why hasn’t the Biden family invested their millions in creating American jobs, instead of creating Chinese jobs?

It is obvious that Joe Biden would never be tough on the China in view that his family has found a lucrative business partner.


C’mon, man.

Cheryl Downs,