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China Sees Record-High Coal Transport by Rail in December 2020



January 10, 2021 - China's railway sector transported a record amount of coal in December last year as demand for coal in the thermal power sector has surged, according to China State Railway Group Co., Ltd.

Railways handled about 5.6 million tonnes of coal or about 80,000 cars of coal per day in December 2020, up 10 percent and 9.5 percent year on year, respectively, the railway operator said.

Of the total, about 51,000 cars of coal were for thermal power plants, up 9.9 percent year on year, a record high as well.

In total, the railways in December transported 317.85 million tonnes of freight.

The demand for coal rose remarkably this winter due to lower temperatures and robust demand by the electricity, steel and construction materials sectors.

Authorities have pledged more efforts to increase supply and adjust demand to lower coal prices.