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Alpha Metallurgical Resources Completes Name Change



February 1, 2021 - Alpha Metallurgical Resources, Inc.,, a leading U.S. supplier of metallurgical products for the steel industry, today announced that it has completed its name change.

Previously named Contura Energy, Inc., the company begins conducting business under the Alpha Metallurgical Resources banner, effective today. The rebranding more accurately reflects the company's strategic focus on the production of metallurgical coal as a critical feedstock for steel production.

As previously announced, the company expects its common stock, which is currently trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker CTRA, to begin trading under its new ticker symbol, AMR, on February 4, 2021.

"As previously announced, this new company name better aligns with our strategic vision and collective emphasis on metallurgical coal production," said Alpha's chairman and chief executive officer, David Stetson. "I'm pleased to see this important rebranding effort coming to fruition and we are excited to begin operating under the Alpha Metallurgical Resources name today."