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Supporting Women in Mining



February 18, 2021 - Women in Mining UK is providing a scholarship for two years to support women on the Metals and Energy Finance MSc course.

The Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial College London is thrilled to be partnering with Women in Mining UK (WIM) to support women to join our MSc programme.

Women continue to be under-represented in the mining sector. The financial support for an MSc student will tackle some of the barriers that women face, encouraging women to apply for the programme and supporting them to further their studies in Metals and Energy Finance.

Course Director Professor Stephen Neethling says, “We want to increase the diversity of students in this bespoke programme, and that includes encouraging more women to study this MSc. Graduates go on to senior roles in the mining and banking industries, where diversity will support these sectors to address global challenges. We are grateful that WIM is helping to address this aim.”  

The one-year MSc is unique in teaching quantitative financial analysis, strategic management and the required technical skill in the context of metals and energy projects. The cohort is just 25 students, so students benefit from a close-knit network in a global top ten university.

WIM is a UK-based volunteer organisation that advocates for the employment, retention and progression of women in the mining sector, raising awareness of mining as a great career choice for women, and offering a strong international network to support the professional goals and career aspirations of its members. Membership is free and open to all genders.

“We are excited to expand our scholarship programme and partner with Imperial, which offers this well-respected, globally recognised MSc course. Mining has taken centre stage as society seeks to address both the opportunities and challenges of decarbonisation. It’s vital we have more people study mining as our industry is integral to the transition to a more sustainable world,” says Alex Buck, Managing Director, WIM.