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UN Frightening Report Debunked

By Craig Rucker

February 22, 2021 - The United Nations has issued a 168-page report calling for a total transformation of society.  

The report calls for a dramatic reduction of individual freedom in favor of government, particularly UN control, all in the name of "science."

Read the full UN report: Making Peace with Nature: A scientific blueprint to tackle the climate, biodiversity and pollution emergencies at

The Associated Press writes that, "Thursday’s [UN] report combines three intertwined environment crises and tells the world what’s got to change. It calls for changing what governments tax, how nations value economic output, how power is generated, the way people get around, fish and farm, as well as what they eat."

Marc Morano took the UN's claims and used historical and economic evidence to debunk them one by one.  He posted his
rebuttal to the UN report to CFACT's Climate Depot.

This new effort by the UN is dangerous and warrants substantial monitoring during the years ahead along with continual fact-based response.

One important takeaway of which you should take note is the convergence of the climate agenda with pollution and "biodiversity," the UN's latest scare du joure.  CFACT is fully accredited,
and participated in the UN's virtual biodiversity talks all last week. 

This UN's push is best understood not as "science," but as the latest effort by the Left to advance Socialism, with the full cooperation of investors eager to make their fortune through government mandates.  Get used to this alliance of strange bedfellows, it is now standard operating procedure for the multinational big government crowd.

CFACT will work diligently to expose the UN's left-wing eco-dogma.

The United Nations is on an entirely false path. 

Socialism doesn't protect the planet, it promotes misery and stagnation. Rather, it is individual freedom which creates the prosperity which leads to a cleaner environment and permits all species to thrive.