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Larry Kudlow Rips John Kerry's Coal Claim



November 12, 2021 - After Biden administration climate czar John Kerry claimed America "will not have coal plants" by 2030, FOX Business host Larry Kudlow told "America’s Newsroom" that it was a "ridiculous statement."

John Kerry Says US Won't Have Coal By 2030

Larry Kudlow: There isn’t a legitimate analyst of energy or climate who would actually believe or actually promote no carbons by 2030 or 2035. That’s the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard and in fact, the State Department had to walk it back. It is unserious and it is silly. By the way on coal. We have 100 years of coal reserves at least. But we are loaded with natural gas. We are loaded with oil. 

We also have the lowest carbon emissions of any big country in the world. They are strangling this and consumers are going to get killed. Families are going to get killed. Businesses are going to get killed. This throws a wet blanket over the entire economy. We’re already seeing the results of it. It is a crazy policy.